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05. Email Template (puqMikrotikVPN Suspension Notification traffic limit) Print

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Create an email template for customer notifications.
System Settings->Email Templates->Create New Email Template
  • Email Type: Product/service
  • Unique Name: puqMikrotikVPN Suspension Notification traffic limit




Suspension Information - {$username}


Dear {$client_name},

This letter informs you that the VPN account has been suspended due to traffic exhaustion.
The traffic limit will be restored from the next service cycle.
It is also possible to switch to a package with a large amount of traffic.

Product/Service: {$service_product_name}
Due Date: {$service_next_due_date}

Username: {$username}
Left traffic: {$traffic_balance_gb} GB
After renewing the service, {$traffic_billingcycle_gb} GB will be automatically added.





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