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ProxmoxKVM WHMCS Server Module

Enhance your business with the ProxmoxKVM WHMCS module! This powerful tool makes virtual machine management exceptionally simple, providing your customers with reliable access to their services 24/7. Take advantage of the benefits of the digital age, maximizing customer satisfaction and efficiency. Don't miss the opportunity to use the ProxmoxKVM WHMCS module - a game-changing solution in the world of virtual machines!

ProxmoxKVM WHMCS module WHMCS server modules license ProxmoxKVM WHMCS module
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The module allows your customers to provision and manage KVM machines on a Proxmox panel with WHMCS.
Grace period - You have 30 days to test the module for free.

ProxmoxKVM WHMCS is an innovative module that allows your customers to create and manage KVM virtual machines on Proxmox servers or clusters. This is crucial for any business offering hosting services as it simplifies the account management process and increases customer satisfaction by reducing support requests.

With this module, you gain full control over Proxmox features directly from the WHMCS panel, eliminating the need to switch to the Proxmox panel. It allows for the automatic creation of KVM virtual machines, suspension and restoration of services, deletion of virtual machines, and all related dependencies. The module also automatically adds additional disk to the virtual machine if additional disk is configured in the product configuration.

Advanced module capabilities include automatic configuration of virtual machine parameters such as the number of CPU cores, RAM, disk bandwidth, and network card. Additionally, it automatically selects an available IP address from the list of IP addresses provided during initial setup and module configuration. Your customers will receive the virtual machine's system username and password via email, simplifying the login and management process.

This module is specifically designed for experienced users, as its installation and proper configuration require knowledge and experience in server and network management. However, the installation instructions are detailed and allow intermediate-level users to install the module. We recommend following the installation instructions carefully when setting up the module.

ProxmoxKVM WHMCS module offers a wide range of features, including snapshot and backup management, direct and reverse DNS zone record management, an integrated noVNC web console for KVM access, an operating system reinstallation feature with the ability to change the operating system to another, a password reset function for the operating system (root) in both the client and administrative panels, and resource usage statistics for virtual machines in the form of graphs (CPU, RAM, disk, network).

Purchase the ProxmoxKVM WHMCS module today to provide your customers with the best virtual machine management experience, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction!

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