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WHMCS Addon Module: 

PUQ Customization WHMCS Addon

PUQ Customization - your perfect module for customizing the functionality of the WHMCS system. Our advanced functionality is integrated into one module, setting us apart from competitors. Now you don't need to install separate modules for each functional add-on - our unique development contains everything you need and is constantly updated. Moreover, some extensions are available absolutely free of charge. Our module offers a convenient and user-friendly interface for managing these settings.

PUQ Customization WHMCS Addon License for Addon WHMCS module PUQ Customization WHMCS Addon
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The module makes it possible to extend the standard functionality of the WHMCS system with custom functions presented in the module.
Grace Period - You have 30 days to test the module for free.

We highly value feedback from our clients and always strive to implement their suggestions and add new functionality to the module. In addition, our module serves as an engine for third-party add-ons that can be developed and included by any interested party by prior agreement and verification. We always give due credit to the authors of each add-on included in our module.

We are confident that our module will be a powerful tool for creating a multitude of applications that allow your clients to conveniently configure their systems according to their specific business needs.

It is important to note that our module is not just a theme or a hook. It is a collection of logical extensions with configurable parameters, including the necessary hooks. We aim to develop extensions with a universal graphical design that will be consistently displayed in different WHMCS themes. Furthermore, our module fully supports multilingual capabilities without the need to edit language files. Everything is accessible through extension settings that you can configure and use.

Each extension can be easily enabled or disabled for seamless use and to avoid conflicts with other modules from our competitors.

Our module encompasses a wide range of functionality, and the list below demonstrates only a portion of what you will get:

  • Override taxation rules.
  • Fraud checking.
  • Financial report tracking.
  • Management of automatic credit card charges.
  • Blocking ticket opening for unauthorized users.
  • Invoice cancelation for client credit top-ups.
  • Client information storage and their access to the system.
  • Restricting unauthorized access to the portal.
  • Credit management.
  • Disabling standard interface elements.
  • Tools for GDPR compliance.
  • Rendering HTML code in specific page sections.
  • Site maintenance mode.
  • Menu management.
  • Setting suspension or termination dates for services.
  • Service configuration changes retention.
  • Displaying IP addresses and service usernames in invoices and service listings.
  • Support hours widget on the ticket opening page.
  • Setting suspension dates and times for client services.

These are just some of the features that our module provides. Its advanced functionality will allow you to offer individual configurations for your hosting accounts to your clients.

Order our PUQ Customization WHMCS Addon module today and get a powerful tool for increasing sales and satisfying your audience's needs. Don't waste time installing separate modules - our development will provide you with everything you need in one place.

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